The teachers that are at the head of each area are selected for their experience and reputation in their field of expertise.

BOZZO Claudia

A part from being a sociology graduate from, and former professor at the University of Buenos Aires, Claudia Bozzo is a dancer, a choreographer, and has directed shows for the theater, television and cinema.

Although at the beginning her study of dance regarded the most avant-garde forms, her research lead her to the popular forms rooted in Buenos Aires,  and particularly the tango.  She edited publications based on academic research concerning topics specific to tango, and created a specialized library about the genre. She has participated in festivals and tango championships as a coordinator, teacher and jury, and has run La Escuela del Tango since 1994. Currently, she trains dancers and dance teachers  within the country and abroad. She continues to research and perfect herself in other music and dance forms related to popular culture.

MACERI Viviana

Architecture graduate from the University of Buenos Aires, Viviana Maceri has been teaching the classical, jazz and tango dance styles for the last 20 years. As far as tango is concerned, she initiated and perfected herself at La Escuela del Tango, where she now teaches.  She directs her own dance school located in Lomas de Zamora, in the Buenos Aires province. She is a tango jury for the Buenos Aires’ Youths and Elders  Tournaments, for the “Lomas Baila Tango” contest and the Norberto Guichanduc Cup.
In 2005 and 2007 she toured through the Australian cities of Melbourne and Brisbane imparting dance classes. In 2012 she passed the competitive selection process which earned her the direction of the subject “Estilistica II” in the  three year higher education program on tango representation and choreography at the School of Traditional Dances of Temperley, in the Buenos Aires province.

The school hosts teachers and outside participants year round.