Regular Ballroom Tango Classes

Learn to dance, or improve your technique: we encourage you to move your body for its own sake as well as for your mind’s, to share your learning with a diverse group, and to indulge in the joy of dancing.

We offer different levels of training:

Regular ballroom tango classes

With beginners we explore the bases of ballroom tango. These include posture, balance, musicality, and connection with one’s own body , the music as well as with a partner. Besides covering simple dance figures, we also start improvising personal figure sequences.

Apart from reviewing the fundamentals, the intermediate and advanced groups tackle improvisation and creativity on the dance floor through the study and understanding of the choreographic logic and the possibilities that it brings about. We work on musical awareness and the intensification of its expression, the use of space, the loosening of the body in movement, the harmony inherent to each role, and address different styles and rhythms (tango, milonga and waltz).

Group classes are  held in small groups (6 students per role maximum), allowing the teacher to oversee the students’ progress and to adjust his/her instruction to each individual. You can start classes at any given time of the year, just check with us to make sure there is a slot available in the group of your choice, and sign up! It is not necessary to come with a partner. Don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule private lessons.

Come to as many weekly classes as you as you wish!