Thorough Tango Instruction

We offer a Thorough Tango Instruction program for those wishing to approach tango in a more serious and meaningful manner, be it with the aim of becoming  a professional dancer or simply to be part of a structured  course overseen by an expert. This Thorough Tango Instruction lasts about 2 years on average and leads to securing a General Certificate. It is divided into two stages and can be undertaken at any given time of the year.

A first year of general instruction (9hours a week for 12 months) takes on the following syllabus:

Compulsory courses:
Basic Ballroom Tango
Intermediate Ballroom Tango
Advanced Ballroom Tango
Integrated techniques I
(physical training)
Dance styles:
Music for tango dancers
Tango history
Elective courses:
Theoretical Research:
Essays and published articles
Choreographic Research:
(must have validated Advanced Ballroom Tango) productions, exhibitions and involvement in public events.

A second year of specialization (6 hours a week for 9 months) requires choosing one of the following two areas:

Teaching Approaches and Pedagogy I, II, III
Integrated Techniques II and Theory of Movement
Teaching Practices I, II, III
Theoretical Research:
Published artcles
Choreographic Composition in Tango Workshop I, II, III
Integrated Techniques II
Parteners, tricks, leaps and effects
Choreographic Design:
scripts, music, space, wardrobe, lighting, scenography
Choreographic Research:
productions and exhibitions

The duration of the program depends on the students learning and progress. Furthermore, if a student can’t attend classes for the minium 6 to 9  hours a week, it is possible to reduce the weekly hour load by extending the overall length of the program.

*All of the subjects may be taken individually outside of the Thorough Tango Instruction framework. Ask about the classes you are particularly interested in.

*The certificates delivered are not backed by the ministry of education. Nevertheless, they do carry the weight and renown of the Escuela del Tango, which has, for the last 26 years, trained professional dancers as well as dance teachers who live from their craft in Buenos Aires as well as all around the world. Some of our graduates are:
Thorough tango instruction
Marina Carranza

Eduardo Bozzo

Augusto Balizano

Sophia Rodriguez